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Ready to teach at primary school level?

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For pupils at primary school level, Northern Bank has developed the following teaching materials:

  • Moneyville
  • Control Your Money


Moneyville is an educational website that holds significant teaching potential for schoolchildren aged 5 to 10 years. In a fun and interactive environment, pupils will learn that money is earned through hard work and what it means that something costs less or more than something else. The challenges your pupils experience in Moneyville are based on the financial capability objectives relevant for Foundation Stage up to Key Stage 2. Through the games your pupils’ understanding of the language of mathematics is developed.In 2009 Moneyville was extended to include a new 'family' game which helps 8-10 year olds learn about monthly family budgeting and making decisions about family purchases.

The educational materials are non-commercial and free for everyone to enjoy and have been developed in collaboration with local experts in CCEA (Council for the Curriculum, Education and Assessment), online media experts as well as local leading experts within statutory agencies working with children and young people.


Control Your Money

Control Your Money is a teaching material for pupils aged 10-12 years and 13-15. The material is an episodic interactive narrative in which your pupils help characters overcome and reflect on challenges within financial literacy by using their own financial literacy and math skills. The teaching material consists of 4 missions that each relate to everyday situations. In Control Your Money your pupils aged 10-12 will learn how to apply mathematics in everyday life through the use of e.g. percentage calculation in regards to expenses, income and price comparison. The financial literacy objectives for this age group deal among others with planning, buying and earnings.

The educational material is free and non-commercial. It is developed in collaboration with local experts within media research, child psychology, representatives from educational organizations and online media experts – all relevant for online learning.

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